June Mission Events

June Mission Events

June Mission Focus
The mission focus for June will be the Strengthen Our Church collection for the UCC.
Conferences and the national setting equally share the gifts given by  members and friends through their local congregations. The funds raised  support leadership development, new churches, youth ministry, and  innovation in existing congregations. To learn more go to: www.ucc.org/stc 

Any monetary donations designated for missions in June will be directed to this endeavor.

Nashua Children’s Home Quilts
The quilters of our congregation are stepping up to make individual  quilts for the children at the Nashua children’s home. When they are  handed out they will become the property of the child who receives them.  Each child will be able to take their quilt with them when they leave  the children’s home. The mission team views this as an ongoing mission  since there are 40+ children at any one time at the home. Any monetary donations to help defray the cost of materials for these quilts will be gladly accepted & thank you!

The Wish Project

We continue to be supporters of The Wish Project in Lowell. We are now able to go back into their warehouse on Saturday mornings to help sort donations.

They currently are only accepting volunteers from trusted groups who have volunteered in the past. Volunteer hours will be Saturday only between 9am and 3pm for now. You are welcomed to help out for any amount of time you can spare during these hours.

Wish will still be following Covid protocols with masks, temperature checks, hand sanitizer and distancing being adhered to.

We have also started a “clean sheets” project for Wish. 
Many of the bed sheets that are donated to Wish are not washed before donation. 
Understanding that their limited staff needed laundry assistance, we  have started washing their unwashed sheets, folding, labeling and  packaging them and returning them to Wish for distribution. There are  currently many sets of sheets that need washing.
We are looking for volunteers to wash and dry one load of sheets per week. 
If you are interested in helping please email Amber at the church email:  UCCPelham@gmail.com

Lazarus House
We are also reengaging with Lazarus house in Lawrence, Ma.
While volunteers are still not allowed on site yet, we can still deliver dinners during the month of June.
Please consult the church website or your Wednesday blast for the sign  up link for the month of June. It should be active and published  shortly.

Fresh vegetable collection
The Mission committee once again will be collecting fresh vegetables  later in the summer for donation to the food bank. So to all the  gardeners out there starting your plants now, please consider planting  extra that you can donate at harvest time.

June Mission Events
June Mission Events