Martin Luther King once called love “the most durable power in the world.”  He reminds us that only love can cure the disease of fear and that hatred paralyzes life.  This year, the United Church of Christ is focusing on Three Great Loves as we prepare to prayerfully, reflectively plan our upcoming pledges; Love of Neighbor, Love of Children and Love of Creation.  Our purpose arises from Jesus’ greatest commandment: “We will love the Lord our God with our whole heart, mind, soul and strength; and our neighbor as ourselves.”  There are many examples of how the First Congregational Church of Pelham, UCC lives this out. 

  1. Our love of neighbor has called us to action, just this year, donating $1,400 to the St. Patrick Food Pantry for installation of a brand new awning that promises to offer shelter to it’s patrons.  We continue support The Wish Project by donating much needed, gently used clothing, supplying specific items like diapers and providing manual labor in the physical plant. 

  2. Our love of children is supported, as our Mission Committee gets ready to launch our annual Christmas drive.  We will ask for and donate Christmas presents and gift cards, making a Christmas experience possible to those who otherwise would go without. 

  3. Our love of creation by continuing to “tend to our garden” as taught in the beloved story of Adam and Eve.  The word “till” implies ”to be bound in service to” and the word “keep” implies “to preserve” for the future.  Let this idea sow the seeds of stewardship this year!  Our church is alive, we continue to grow and share the fruits of God’s love with many!  The work of our church can continue to happen because of the generous financial and volunteer support of our community.  Because of you, our congregation shares God’s love!


Over the next several weeks, leaders and members of our congregation will share stories of the ways they support, live out and join in the wider movement of Three Great Loves and why supporting our church is so important to them.  In conjunction with our Church’s annual meeting, you will be asked to make a commitment of financial support to the work of our congregation and the wider United Church of Christ.  


While there are many ways to support the Church, our annual pledge campaign provides a chance to think in a particular and prayerful way about the choices we make with our money.  We invite you, sit quietly, pray and reflect on the impact The First Congregational Church of Pelham, UCC has had on your life.  Here are some guiding questions:


  • What is our unique contribution of our church to our community?  What distinguishes us from other congregations?

  • Why do you give to our church?  Why does this feel good?

  • How do we, at FCCP, change lives?

  • How do love and the call to be loving affect our decisions?

  • How does worship at FCCP change lives?

  • When did pastoral care matter to you in your life?

  • How do you experience love within this congregation in a life-changing way?

2021 Pledge Card


Please begin to consider your pledge for the coming year, your generosity will make a real difference!

Thank you, your Stewardship Committee and Cohorts:  Shannon and Nathan Sprague, Karen Bulkley, Shawn Duggan, Ron Schneider, Meg Wilcox, Deb Calabro and Rev. Carlos.