Parents Page


The First Congregational Church of Pelham UCC Youth Fellowships offers two Youth Groups for teens.
–        The JUNIOR HIGH YOUTH GROUP for grades 6 through 8  and
–        The SENIOR HIGH YOUTH GROUP for Grdes 9 through 12.

The goal of our Youth Groups is to provide a Christian environment where our young people can be
together, work together, learn together, and grow together. We stress self-esteem, positive
relationships, clear communication, responsible behavior, good decision making based on strong values, mutual respect, and Christian character. The growth and well being of each individual involved in our Youth Group is a priority.

All of our Youth Groups are open to the youth of our community. Youth Group is not a substitute for church attendance, Sunday school, or Confirmation. We encourage our members to worship regularly and participate fully in their family’s churches.

Sunday night Youth Group meetings may include: discussions on topics focused on youth issues (cheating, dating, music, competition, integrity, values, etc.), games, group building experiences, and worship. Our program may also include ski trips, retreats, lock-ins, and a variety of opportunities to serve others. Our Youth Groups meetings are divided into 5 distinct components; Service to the Community, Service to the Church, Fundraising, Fellowship and Discussions.

Youth Group members are kept informed about our activities through The SHOUT-OUTNewsletter  published every other month and by checking the church website at We believe that the behavior of our Youth Group members outside of Youth Group absolutely impacts the character of our Youth Group. We ask our members to choose wisely and think carefully about what they do both in and out of Youth Group.

We do our best to keep the cost of Youth Group events low and reasonable. Throughout the year we will have fundraisers to help support the activities we participate in. we do not want cost to be a deciding factor for your children to attend or not attend or program. If you have any concerns about the costs of our programs, please speak with Rev. Bill so we can ensure your child’s participation with us. Confidentiality will be maintained.

The safety and well being of each and every Youth Group member and Advisor is a priority. It is our goal to provide a secure environment where our young people feel comfortable and their parents feel confident that their sons and daughters will be safe. With the community’s increased concerns about “Child Safety”, it is important for you to know how e attempt to insure the well-being of our Youth Group members. We want our Youth Group experience to be positive for everyone involved.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the safety and well being of our young people, please do not hesitate to call either  our Christian Education Chairperson. We are committed to developing policies that will ensure quality people supervise our children. CORI (Background) Checks are required before adults are allowed to become a Youth Group leader.

Parents, your continued support of your children and our program is very important. We thank you inadvance for helping us to ensure that our program is a very good one. Please let us know how we can support you in your role as a parent.