One of the greatest gifts we have been given as Human beings is the ability to remember. We are not sure if other creatures have the same capacity to do so as we do. Certainly animals may be trained in behavior modification; Action equals reward, but we are not sure if the ability to remember as we do is the same.
The basics teachings of our faith tell us of the importance of remembering; whenever we participate in the Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper, we are told to “take, eat and drink, and remember” as Jesus instructed his disciples to do as he prepared to face the Cross. So it is natural to understand that, in terms of our faith, Easter is certainly a time to remember. As followers of Christ, as God’s children of the Promise of Resurrection, now is our time for remembering.
F your family is like mine, inevitably at Easter, families roll out old pictures and videos of Easters past; Polaroids and snapshots of children in their Easter finest, Moms and Grandmothers with Easter Hats, Dads with the cameras, etc.
Remembering and reminiscing about those times is an important ritual of family life. Easter offers us the ability to remember that our lives should be an expression of kindness and a reflection of God’s love. Without this memory, we are not the complete beings we have been created to be.
The love of God for us and our Salvation is found in our willingness to remember the Spirit of God and to looking at people as “be-loved” children of God. All people! Including ourselves! We do this in part by building faith or trust in God alone, by choosing to connect our thoughts with God’s love for us, rather than with lesser ideas like blame, anger and fear. And as we do our part in remembering these good things of God, the Holy Spirit moves us and leads us to understand we have the ability within us to be loved and to love. We are released from the fearful images we have made.
Easter is a time of remembering, renewing and rewarding others with the same gift that God has granted us! Join us during our Holy Week services to remember and be led to love!
On behalf of Maureen and the Ferguson Clan, we wish you a very joyous Easter!

May 2017 newsletter