We are ready to help you.

The death of a family member is a significant loss. We would love to help prepare a service of remembrance for the loved ones of regular First Congregational Church of Pelham attenders and their immediate families. Our Pastor may also be available  for people who are seeking Clergy involvement for those who have no Clergy representation.

If your plans include scheduling services with a funeral home, please contact us BEFORE any plans are finalized with them so that we can guarantee a pastor for you.

Funerals and Memorial Services

In Christian faith, we witness to the Good News that death is not the end, but a transition from this life to life everlasting. Death brings the real pain of loss, but it does not separate us from the love of God nor from the love of family and friends.

You may contact the church office or our pastor at any time to let us know of a loved one’s death or in anticipation of an imminent death.

After a loved one dies, you likely will be working with a funeral home. The funeral director will contact the church and consult with the pastor to confirm the date and time of the service. The funeral director will handle all fees, including honoraria for the pastor and organist. If you are not using a funeral home’s services, the pastor will advise you about any costs when you meet to discuss the service.

First Congregational Church of Pelham UCC is recognized for the Community roots we have established over 270 years. We offer our sanctuary for funeral and memorial services to community members as well as to church members. Please contact the pastor, or ask the funeral director to do so, if you would like a service held at a funeral home. Please note that all Funerals that are held within our church building must be conducted with the settled Pastor unless extenuating circumstances arise. Other clergy may participate at the invitation of our pastor.

Likewise, our organist plays for all services held in the church. Other musicians may participate by invitation.






You will meet with our pastor to plan the service. The meeting may take place at the church, a funeral home, or your home, depending on which location is most convenient for you and your family.

A casket is always closed for a service in the church. Flowers, photographs, and personal mementos will be arranged at the front of the sanctuary if you wish to have them present at the service.

The service is conducted using the liturgy found in the United Church of Christ Book of Worship. Our pastor and staff will help you choose scripture, music, and anything else you would like to include.

Fraternal and military rites are not part of the church service, and these should take place at graveside or at the fraternal organization’s place of meeting.  There may be exceptions, on a case-by-case basis, at the discretion of the pastor.

Our Fellowship Hall, and kitchen may be used for receptions following the service. The church’s Women’s Fellowship Group can arrange light refreshments, or you may arrange catering on your own.

The church is accessible to persons in wheelchairs.  First-floor bathrooms are also accessible.

First Congregational Church of Pelham UCC is a tobacco-free and alcohol-free campus.



If the funeral director billing is made by the funeral home, the minister and organist receive a check from the funeral director. In the case of a memorial service, it’s the family’s responsibility to pay directly the minister, organist, and sexton. Speak with our Pastor for Fee information.